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This is a male Polyphemus moth! My child is perfect in every way! This past fall I reared 300 or so of these little babes and they all died for reasons unknown. Literally dropped like flies until I had 4 left. Those four died in their pupae but his little guy was found crawling across a parking lot and the very next day he made a cocoon in a paper cup. He’s the first moth baby to emerge this year. It’s really a shame that there are no leaves on the trees and no pretty ladies for him to get mothy love on with.

also did I mention he got scared and waved his front legs at me and then he sprayed me with his defensive juice and flew up to my fan!


Green Dragontail - Lamproptera meges | ©Zakir Hassan   (Cameron Highlands, Malaysia)

The Green Dragontails, Lamproptera meges, are among the most delightful and entertaining butterflies in the Oriental region (South Asia and Southeast Asia), being much smaller in size than other Papilionidae, and unique among them in having completely transparent “windows” in the forewings, and very long tails on the hind wings [source].

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